A blocked view can damage your business

When you have a business in the city, the last thing you want to see is a neighboring business have a construction team that blocks the traffic to your store. Construction has the potential to cause you serious losses, and it's something your neighboring business owner should have talked to you about.

That's not the worst of it for you, though. In your case, the new construction around the building is now blocking the view from your shop's windows and patios. That view was part of what made your business profitable. Instead of being able to see beautiful cityscapes, all you can see is a construction team and a new, taller building.

Is it illegal for a neighbor to do this?

In the city, it's likely there is a view ordinance you can rely on. View ordinances are common in cities and towns where there is a view of mountains or oceans. In your case, you used to be able to look over Central Park and the city, and now you see very little. It may be possible to halt the construction next door but it's likely to take a long time to do so without quick work to stop construction early on.

What can you do if the neighbor blocked the view maliciously?

If the neighboring business built up the structure just to block your business's view, you may be able to show that there was malicious intent. Obstructions built out of spite are certainly not legal, but it can be hard to prove. If you have threats to show the court or witnesses who can verify that the business owner is blocking your view to ruin your business, you may be able to have the court take action against the business owner.

Your attorney can help you fight your case and protect your business. It took time and effort to get where you are, and a spiteful neighbor should not ruin your hard work.

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