Be careful whom you do business with, not every vendor is honest

You have picked out a space for your new yoga studio, now you need to contact vendors for equipment, fixtures, and items for resale. Choosing the right vendor is very important when you start a new business. You want to do business with people that are reliable. The last thing you need is for a vendor to tell you he or she cannot deliver your order at the very last minute.

In addition to reliability, you want to choose vendors that are honest. Unfortunately, there are people out there that engage in deceptive trade practices. Vendors that make false claims and use disinformation and misleading tactics can take advantage of new business owners, such as yourself, or even experienced professionals.

No matter how much research you do on the vendors you are considering contracting with, it is always possible to fall victim to one of these professional scammers. For example, you may contract with a vendor for a specific fixture, but instead of the high quality one that you selected, he or she delivers one of extreme subpar quality. An experienced business law attorney in New York can help you get the justice and recompense that you deserve. Just because you have been victimized does not mean you do not have options for recourse.

New York has laws that specifically prohibit false advertising, such as bait-and-switch tactics used in the example above. While the state does not adhere to the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, it does offer both criminal and civil remedies. The attorney general can prosecute a vendor that has swindled you, and you can also sue him or her in civil court. If you are successful in winning your suit for deceptive practices, you will generally be reimbursed the costs and fees associated with the case and possible damages of up to $1,000.

Starting a new business can be very risky and costly, with hidden pitfalls that you cannot fully anticipate. Sometimes it is not always possible to avoid vendors that engage in unfair practices. Do not let a dishonest seller get away with taking advantage of you. Take the proper steps to recover your money and be made whole again.

Pursuing litigation against a vendor that has cheated you not only helps you, but also helps other business owners that the vendor may have been set to swindle in the future.