Can you resolve a business contract dispute outside of court?

Running a business often means that you have to find effective ways to communicate with people with whom you don't really agree on important issues. From employees disputing an aspect of their work contract to contractors or suppliers who fail to follow through with their obligations to their business, it is inevitable that your company will have to deal with some critical disputes at one time or another.

Many times, it can seem like the only option available to your business is to enter into the litigation process. Either you may feel like you need to file suit against someone else in order to for them to take your claim seriously or you are already dealing with a civil suit brought by someone your company employs or does business with.

However, it may be possible to find a way to resolve business disputes or issues with your contracts outside of court. Working with an attorney who has business law experience can help you explore your options for avoiding litigation.

A lawyer with commercial litigation experience can help you negotiate

Many times, it is a combination of miscommunication and improper expectations that leads to conflicts for businesses. Your company probably does its best to be clear and direct with its expectations for its staff members and suppliers. At the same time, you probably do your best to provide accurate guidance to potential customers and clients to avoid confusion or disappointment.

Even with the best intentions, it is possible that you will find yourself dealing with a conflict that has financial implications for both sides. You may have different understandings of your obligations or expectations.

Partnering with an attorney who understands commercial litigation can help you find a way to negotiate with the other party outside of court. From analyzing and discussing the contract to providing a new perspective to an ongoing issue, a lawyer can provide critical insights that can help you find a way to resolve the issue without actually going to court.

Arbitration and mediation are also options

Many corporate contracts include arbitration clauses that require both parties to work with a neutral arbitrator to resolve the issue if a conflict arises. Arbitration involves a third party hearing the situation and then making a determination. It can certainly work in some cases with business conflicts.

Mediation is another option that gives the individuals involved in the dispute more control over the outcome. In mediation, that neutral third-party will guide you toward compromises to find a solution that can help you retain your business relationship.

Even if you decide to go with an alternative method of dispute resolution, your company still deserves the protection of having an attorney represent you during the process.