Condo boards often run into trouble

Cooperative and condominium boards don't always have a simple job. In fact, they can be faced with many challenges throughout the year, some of which are more serious than others.

From large buildings that are always making changes to small associations that don't run into nearly as many problems, there is no way of knowing what the future holds. Just when everything appears to be going smoothly, something comes along and makes a wave.

Some of the many legal services required by condo boards include:

-- Legal representation at annual meetings

-- Legal representation at monthly meetings

-- Drafting status reports

-- Conducting board elections to ensure a fair process

-- Rule violations

-- Resolving issues related to condo rules, bylaws or leases

The larger the condominium complex, the better chance there is that regular problems will come about, some of which require the expertise of a legal team. There are times when things can be worked out by board members, but this is not always the case.

If you are involved with a cooperative or condominium board, you are well aware of the challenges that you have faced in the past as well as what could happen in the future. Rather than continue down the same path, hoping to avoid major trouble, it may be time to get the assistance of an experienced and qualified legal team.

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