Get help for your New York condominium legal issues

When a housing development or apartment building converts to a condominium there's often a steep learning curve involved for everyone. Some of the problems you may encounter -- whether you're a developer or a resident -- can end up being easily resolved. Others will probably require some experienced legal assistance.

Our office has significant experience no matter what stage of conversion you are in or what problem you're facing. We can help with:

  • Coordinating all of the professionals involved in your condo project, including architects, tax experts and marketing directors

  • Submitting the initial cooperative ownership proposal or "red herring" to the existing tenants and the state

  • Drafting your contracts with the construction company and the marketing company

  • Negotiating with tenants who have formed a "no-buy" agreement in order to force concessions they want

  • Drafting the condo owners' association by-laws and rules

  • Disputes with tenants about the non-payment of fees and maintenance dues or quality-of-life issues

  • Negotiating any mortgage refinancing that needs to be completed

  • Defending the condo board or members against litigation by unit owners or tenants

  • Managing the post-closing amendments or closings on individual apartments

  • Negotiating changes to the plans with the New York Attorney General's office

  • Filing the final offering plan or "black book"

Whenever possible our attorneys aim to resolve your problems without litigation. We're skilled negotiators and we have more than twenty years worth of experience in all areas of real estate law. We also deeply believe in personal service. If your apartment complex or housing unit is "going condo" and you have questions or you're starting the process of converting a development into condominiums, contact us today.