Have you answered these questions regarding a lease?

If you are in the process of reviewing a lease, you don't want to sign on the dotted line until you are 100 percent certain that you know what you are getting into.

These are many questions to answer with regard to a lease, all of which are important for one reason or another. Here are some that you need to address:

-- How long does the lease last?

-- Are you permitted to use the property however you best see fit, or are there restrictions?

-- If a residential lease, are pets prohibited?

-- What happens if you do not move out or extend the lease on time?

-- What happens if you need to break the lease before it expires?

-- Are you permitted to sublet the property?

-- Which party is responsible for utility payments?

-- What are the responsibilities of the landlord in terms of repairs?

-- What are the permitted methods of making the monthly payment?

-- Will the landlord agree to walk through the property before a final agreement to make notes regarding the condition?

When you answer these types of questions, it becomes clear as to what you should focus on before signing a lease.

It can be a big step in your life to sign a lease, so you don't want to make any mistakes that could hold you back. These types of questions, among others, need to be answered without delay. When you have the right information guiding you, it is much easier to get what you want out of this real estate transaction.

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