How and when a commercial lease attorney can help

As a commercial landlord or tenant, you are likely aware of your responsibilities and obligations. Even so, questions are sure to come to the forefront from time to time. Furthermore, disputes are not out of the question.

Some of the most common types of commercial space are those that almost always require a lease between the owner and tenant, including:

-- Industrial

-- Retail

-- Restaurants

-- Warehouse

-- Office space

A commercial lease attorney is skilled in providing advice and guidance in relation to contract drafts, contract reviews and dispute resolution. By having the right contract in place, it is less likely that an issue will occur in the future.

When you contact a commercial lease attorney depends on many factors, including your timeline. For example, you may wish to consult with an attorney as you begin your search for commercial space. This will ensure that you have somebody on your side to help with every step of the search process. Others need to contact an attorney because they are tangled up in a legal dispute with their landlord, such as one regarding a clause in the contract.

It is best to get the appropriate help at the appropriate time when it comes to commercial real estate questions and disputes. If you are seeking information on this subject, our website can provide you with the details you are looking for. To get started, visit our "New York City Commercial Lease Attorneys" webpage. It will give you a clear idea of how and when a commercial lease attorney can provide assistance.