Know your rights if you find material defects

When you are purchasing a property, it's important to know what you are getting. Even with a property inspection, it is possible to find that there are problems with the house after you purchase it.

If that happens, you may have a right to negotiate with the seller to repair damage or fix mistakes they made. After all, buying a home is a long process, and it can be complicated. The last thing anyone wants is to be disappointed, especially if a seller misled you.

It is normal for sellers to disclose defects early on in the sale. They may not disclose defects they didn't know about, though. However, if they do know about a defect and attempt to hide it, then that is when you have options. Material defects are the most significant and usually result in claims like the one you want to make. With a material defect, there may be an unreasonable risk to people or a significant reduction in the value of the property.

You may be limited to seeking funds for damage you find after the close of escrow. However, if the seller is keen on repairing the damage, you may be able to have them do so and have it inspected following the completion of those repairs.

In any case involving damage to a property, you have to determine who's liable first. Your attorney will help you determine if the seller should be held accountable for damages and help you move forward with a claim if so. Our site has more on this important topic.