Landlord-tenant contracts in New York

When hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, the phrase "going over it with a fine-toothed comb" takes on an entirely different meaning. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that every detail of a large commercial real estate contract is tended to. This is how landlords and tenants avoid costly litigation and legal disagreements -- they make sure their contracts are clear.

Not only will a clear contract protect a New York landlord in the event of a lawsuit, but it will also prevent lawsuits from happening. Courts tend to honor the legally binding contracts that landlords and tenants enter into together. Therefore, once a clear contract is reviewed by both parties -- and it is determined that the contract was appropriately drafted in compliance with legal standards -- it can prevent the need for litigation since the outcome of that litigation is predictable based on the terms of the agreement.

Do-it-yourself contracts are risky and dangerous. Although a lot can be achieved to get business arrangements and agreements pinned down through a form-based contract, these agreements do not have the force of a reputable and experienced New York law firm behind them. Real Estate investors should know that, when it comes to a contractual agreement, the notion of "follow through" is very important. This means that the contract holders are willing to take action to enforce the agreement in the event that their contractual arrangements are broken by the other party.

Whenever a landlord/tenant contract is challenged, New York landlords will want solid representation from an experienced real estate attorney. At Turek Roth Grossman, LLP, we are fully prepared to protect the contractual arrangements we assist you with, and we will take the matter to trial in defense of your rights if necessary.