Reasons for commercial real estate litigation

Everybody associated with a real estate transaction hopes the deal moves forward in a friendly and efficient manner. This ensures that everybody feels good about things when the process comes to an end.

With so many real estate transactions taking place every day, especially in big cities like New York City, there is always the chance for a disagreement. There are times when the two parties can settle a disagreement on their own or with the help of a mediator. There are also times when this doesn't happen, requiring litigation.

Commercial real estate litigation comes to light for many reasons, including but not limited to:

-- Breach of contract

-- Unfair business practices

-- Injunctive relief

-- Fraud

-- Brokerage disputes

-- Partnership dissolution and disputes

-- Business dissolution and disputes

It goes without saying that commercial real estate litigation is something that both parties want to avoid. Not only can this be time consuming, but it is also costly. This is why arbitration and mediation are often used as an alternative dispute resolution.

If you are stuck in a bad position with no option other than commercial real estate litigation, it is time to learn more about the process and what it entails.

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