The many types of real estate disputes

Real estate deals take place every day throughout the New York City area. While most go through without any trouble at all, there are always issues that can arise along the way as well as down the road.

In the event that you are unable to reach a resolution with the other party, your only remaining option may be real estate litigation. Even if this is not something you want to do, it is a necessary evil in an industry with so much money exchanging hands on a regular basis.

There are many types of real estate disputes, some of which can be easily resolved by both parties, with little help. Then there are those that require the knowledge and expertise of an attorney, ensuring that you reach the result you are most interested in.

Some of the most common forms of real estate disputes are as follows:

-- Title disputes-- Property disputes-- Insurance coverage-- Mortgage liens-- Condo election disputes-- Landlord-tenant law disputes-- Trespass-- Election challenges-- Construction defects-- Construction damage-- Condo liens-- Insurance coverage issues

Your goal with any type of real estate dispute and litigation is to find a solution that is acceptable for both parties, which allows everybody to avoid the court system.

Anybody who is caught up in a real estate dispute should begin to consider his or her options, which starts with learning more about the problem and could end with hiring an attorney. For more information on this topic, view the many pages of our website, in particular those that are dedicated to real estate litigation and related subject matter.

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