Types of residential real estate transactions

The New York City real estate market is unlike any other in the world. All types of real estate transactions occur regularly, with some receiving attention from the public thanks to the type and/or price.

No two residential real estate transactions are exactly the same. Even when the type of property is similar, the details and steps that make up the process will differ. This is what makes the real estate market fun and challenging at the same time, especially for those who dabble in it on a regular basis.

There are many types of residential real estate transactions, with some of the most common including the following:

-- Sales

-- Purchases

-- New construction

-- Vacant land sales

-- Financing

-- Refinancing

-- Short sales

-- Foreclosures

-- Transactional funding flip deals

-- 1031 tax free exchanges

Going into a real estate transaction, it is easy to believe that everything will be simple, straightforward and to the point. However, things can and do happen along the way that bring confusion to the process. There are even times when a deal is in jeopardy due to something going wrong along the way.

If you are going to be involved in the real estate game – as a buyer, seller or investor – you must know what you are getting into. Residential real estate is big business in and around the Big Apple, and you should prepare for everything that comes your way.

Learning more about residential real estate transactions is a simple process if you rely on our website and its many pages of information and advice.