What are some zones available in New York City?

New York City and the State of New York have various zoning laws you need to know about if you plan to build or buy a property. Zoning helps keep certain structures as residences while others are created for the purposes of commercial or business activities.

One common zone is R4-1. This is a residential real estate zone. This zone allows for taller, thinner properties compared with R3-1 districts, which allow for wider homes. Each only allows one- and two-family detached or semi-detached homes to be built within their districts.

Another zone is called the R8X zone. This zone is for quality housing. Generally speaking, quality housing must follow Quality Housing Program guidelines to meet the criteria. Additionally, no off-street parking is allowed in the front of buildings in this zone, but parking does need to be allowed for 40 percent or more of the total units in the building.

C6 districts are commercial districts in central locations, like in Manhattan or Brooklyn's downtown areas. These buildings may include residential mixes, where both commercial and residential properties are within the same building.

Finding the right zoning for your project or to move into is important. If you plan to open a business, you wouldn't want to purchase a property in the R4-1 zone, for example. Your attorney and real estate agent can help you make sure you choose the right zone for your business or home, so that you can do everything to the property that you have in mind. If you want a property that is not zoned for the purpose, you may be able to have it changed.

Source: NYC.gov, "Zoning Handbook 2011 Edition," accessed Jan. 23, 2018