What is a residential property dispute regarding boundaries?

Buying any type of property is a big decision. Furthermore, it is one that can lead to a variety of troubles, despite your best efforts for everything to move forward as smoothly as possible.

There are times when neighbors argue over property boundaries. When this happens, the end result is not always pretty. While there is no guaranteed way to prevent such a dispute, there are things buyers can do at the time of purchase to better their chance of avoiding such trouble.

First and foremost, a property survey will come in handy. At the time of purchasing a property, it is a good idea to have a survey conducted to mark boundary lines. This goes a long way in showing the buyer, as well as those who already live in the area, where the boundaries are located.

There are times when a survey will not resolve a dispute. In this case, a property owner may need to take things to the next level by filing a quiet title lawsuit. This is a request for a judge to make a determination on the boundary lines.

Another option, although not always agreed upon, is an agreement on boundary lines. This is when property owners agree for a physical object to serve as a boundary line.

Nobody wants to be involved in a residential property dispute regarding boundaries, but this is common in neighborhoods throughout the country. If a property owner finds him or herself in this position, it is best to learn more about local and state laws before doing anything else.

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