What should you do if you're facing a real-estate dispute?

In real estate, people often have disputes. It might be over the neighbor putting items on their property or because of problems with a home that were not disclosed during purchase. It's important for those who are concerned about a property to have the chance to make things right with the other party.

Often, real-estate disputes can be resolved outside of court. For instance, you may be able to speak with your neighbor about the true property line, agree to have the property line reassessed and go from there. For more serious disputes over damage done to a property, you may be able to receive compensation or ask for repairs from the people responsible.

What if the other party isn't communicating about your concerns?

When the other party involved in your dispute won't listen to your concerns with an open mind, that is when you can begin to look into other options. Your attorney can send an official letter to them stating the concern and seeking a resolution. If they still don't respond to you, then you may wish to consider turning to the courts for help.

Most people don't want to end up in court over a problem that can be resolved without a judge's involvement. Court can be expensive, so many people don't want to go through the time-consuming and expensive experience a lawsuit could cause. However, it may take threatening the other party with a lawsuit to get the person or people to see that you're serious about resolving the conflict you have, whatever it takes to do so.