Yes, you can negotiate a commercial lease

When you want to rent commercial real estate, you need to understand how to negotiate a lease. Commercial leases do not have a standard agreement, so it's a good idea to have your attorney look over any agreement you want to sign. Additionally, you may be able to get a number of concessions from the landlord if you take the time to negotiate the lease.

The first thing you may want to negotiate is the lease's cost. Depending on the time of year, the market conditions and the location of the property, you may feel that the rent is too high or is actually a great deal. If the rent is high, you may look at local properties to find a fair rent and suggest this to the landlord instead. Usually, commercial businesses face an annual rent increase. The landlord may have included a percentage-based rental rate increase in the lease that you should pay attention to.

Your lease will also say if you have to pay for utilities during the rental period. If you do not want to pay for utilities, this is another thing you can try to negotiate with a landlord. It's normal for residential landlords to pay most or even all of the utilities for a rental property, but that is less common in commercial real estate.

Finally, look at the length of the lease. You may find that a three-year lease is worth more to you than one, so you may want to negotiate a longer lease for less rent per month. Or, if the lease is too long, you may want to negotiate a shorter lease. Your attorney can help you with any negotiations you plan to try.

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