You can stop nuisances from affecting your property

No one likes to live next to a neighbor who is bothersome or who causes trouble for them. Maybe the neighbor is too loud, or perhaps he has started to infringe on your property boundaries. Whatever is happening, if you have a neighbor who you have a dispute with, you can take legal action to help stop it early.

There are two kinds of nuisance lawsuits you can consider. One is private and another is public. In a private nuisance situation, you lose the enjoyment or use of your property but the other party doesn't physically enter your property or invade it. A public nuisance is when a nuisance can affect the safety, welfare or health of the public in general. If your neighbor comes onto your property without permission, then you may be able to claim against your neighbor for trespassing.

When you take your case to court, the judge will listen to both sides of the story and determine the outcome based on a variety of factors. One thing that the judge considers is where the nuisance happens. For example, if you live in the city and your neighbor has livestock that is bothering you, zoning regulations might help show that your neighbor has broken the law or infringed on your rights. Even if the area allows for those animals, their presence could still be a nuisance if they are damaging your property or causing other problems.

Every case is different. Our website has more information about what to do if you're struggling with a real estate dispute. Your attorney can help you file a claim, so you can get some relief.