You can take a stand if a tree or structure blocks your view

Imagine purchasing the perfect property in New York City. You have beautiful views, overlook the parks and enjoy seeing sunrises and sunsets from your living room. Then, one day, you wake up with a blocked view. In the once grassy lot next to you, someone planted large trees that are impeding the view from your living room windows.

The view from your home has a great deal to do with the value of it, so you're panicked. When you call to ask the owners of the property next to you to cut back the trees, they refuse. They believe it's a beautification effort and should be left as it is.

What can you do? You feel that your privacy and property rights have been violated. Here are a couple tips that can help you resolve this dispute.

1. Check on the local view ordinances

If the city has a view ordinance, then you can be certain the city knows that the view from your home is an important part of your home's value. The city may have limits to block the planting of certain foliage that could block views, so you could find that a simple report will clear up the situation.

2. Consider a lawsuit

There are a couple kinds of laws your neighbor might have violated including zoning laws or nuisance laws. For instance, if the tree is now tall enough that someone could climb it and get onto your patio, or if the tree is infringing on your property directly, you may have a solid case for it being a nuisance. The courts could ask the neighbor to cut back the tree, remove it or keep it below a certain height to resolve your conflict.

These are a couple of options if you're worried about your neighbor's actions. With the right communication, it's possible to resolve a dispute like this.