Zoning regulations: Keep your business in the lines

When you want to run a business, it's important that the property you use is zoned correctly. If it is not zoned correctly, you may be unable to use the property to perform your business' operations.

Zoning regulations were created by municipalities so that they could direct the areas of development within their borders. For example, a city might have one sector for commercial businesses and another for residential buildings.

It's a known fact that New York City had the first zoning ordinance in 1916. Since then, zoning regulations have been used in almost every urban area throughout the country. These regulations have a number of purposes.

Some of the things zoning regulations do include regulating where utility lines may be placed, limiting the number of rooms in a property and limiting the height or width of a property. Many zoning regulations specify which kinds of buildings are allowed in the area and restrict the kinds of accessory buildings you can create on a property.

Although most people think of zoning regulations as large zones that connect to one another, that's not necessarily true. Some control only parts of the city while others apply to lots or parking areas only.

If you're preparing to purchase a property for your business, you need to make sure you are zoned to operate a business in the area. You must also look into parking regulations and other zoning restrictions that could affect what you do at your property. Our website has more on what you need to do to protect your business when you build or buy a property.